My Blog Roadmap 2024

Wahyu Syamsul A'lam • February 2, 2024

Hi everyone! I’m so happy to share with you my plans for this blog in the next few years. I’ve been working kinda hard to make this Astro JS based blog run smoothly and look nice, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

But I’m not done yet! I have a lot of ideas and goals to improve this blog and make it even better. That’s why I decided to write this post, so you can see what I have in mind and maybe give me some feedback or suggestions.

Before I tell you my roadmap, let me first recap what I’ve done so far with this blog.

Current features

  • Basic Blog
  • List of blog posts
  • List of topics of the posts
  • Can browse topics
  • Can browse posts by topics
  • Blog posts can have many topics
  • Blog post written in .mdx format
  • Create some components and specific components for article
  • Have >90 score in Google Page Speed
  • Have rss.xml
  • Deployable to Vercel
  • Use Astro Image or Picture and imageService


Here are some of the things I want to add or change in the future:

  • Add pagination.

  • Right now, all the posts are displayed on one page, which can be overwhelming and slow to load. I want to add pagination so you can easily navigate through the posts and see more of them.

  • Add updatedDate blog post with updatedChangeLog.

  • Sometimes I update my posts with new information or corrections, but you might not notice it. I want to add a feature that shows when a post was last updated and what changes were made, so you can always get the most accurate and updated content.

  • **Content search integration with pagefind.

  • Search feature will lets you find posts by keywords or phrases. I want to integrate pagefind, a service that provides fast and accurate content search for static websites, so you can easily find what you’re looking for on my blog.

  • Table of contents.

  • Some of my posts are quite long and have many sections. I want to add a table of contents that shows the outline of the post and lets you jump to any section you want, so you can read more efficiently and conveniently.

  • Internationalization lang : en, id, I guess.

  • I know that not everyone who reads my blog speaks English, and I want to reach more people around the world. That’s why I want to add internationalization support, so you can choose your preferred language from English or Indonesian (my native language), and read my blog in your own language.

  • Possibility to create article series.

  • Sometimes I have a topic that is too big or complex to cover in one post, and I want to split it into multiple parts. I want to add a feature that lets me create article series, so you can follow along with the topic and see the links to the previous and next parts.

That’s it for now! These are some of the things I’m planning to do with this blog in 2024. Of course, these are not set in stone, and I might change or add some things along the way. But I hope this gives you an idea of what to expect from me and this blog in the future.

Thank you for reading my blog!